All photos are my own, of my life and the life around me in Southern California.
A highlight from a pregnancy shoot I did with a family friend a couple weeks ago. 
Oasis found..
Too close for comfort.
This is my sister’s dog, Patches. We do not know his exact breed but who cares about that anyway. My girlfriend and I decided to take him to the dog beach one hot weekend and he really enjoyed getting his paws wet.
It’s been a while since I have posted a photo, but I have been working. This is my girlfriend’s beautiful blue nose. She had asked me to take photos of her dog for her step-mother’s birthday. This one is my favorite.

Marcus is finally coming to AllDamnDay
Happy Birthday to my brother and bestfriend @tthewz_ |
"Let that boy cook!"
My girlfriend being cute.
My favorite shoes to wear lately.
Life Support
Just finished up the photo shoot for my little sister’s birthday announcements. She’s turning 5!